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New Carnegie Science Center exhibit brings Pixar characters to life

New exhibit at Carnegie Science Center shows the science behind Pixar
New exhibit at Carnegie Science Center shows the science behind Pixar 01:51

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A new exhibit has landed at the Carnegie Science Center, bringing some of our favorite Pixar characters to life.

PIXARburgh has landed in the Steel City. Beloved characters like Buzz Lightyear, Nemo and WALL-E all make an appearance and have stations to learn how they were brought to life. 

"I think it's really interactive. There's a lot of things I didn't know a lot about films, like rendering was a surprise to me," said seventh grader Justus Payne.

Sixth and seventh-grade students from Pittsburgh Schiller Steam Academy were able to be the first to experience it. 

"Over there, it shows the arm movements of Elastigirl and the behind-the-scenes of how they made it," said seventh grader Amaya Akrie.   

The two-story exhibit offers science, technology, education, art and math experiences like building a robot, creating a set from "A Bug's Life" or adjusting the lights from a scene from "Up."

Students were blown away by the time it took to make a single frame of animation. 

"I know these people probably do not sleep just to do this and to be more grateful for the things we can see nowadays," said sixth grader Judy Rodriguez

STEAM experiences and exhibits like PIXARburgh open the minds of young people. 

"Sometimes it feels like we do little things in isolation, and for them to see it all melding together and becoming something big in a career they could possibly have and not just a fun little activity," said teacher Alaina Davis.

"Somehow it clicks and they understand that math and science can be an artistic pursuit," said Pixar representative Brianne Moseley.

The exhibit runs until Jan. 5. 

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