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New App Helps To Keep Pain Away

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There's a new high-tech way to prevent and get rid of pain that you can use anywhere, at home or on the road.

Kara Johnson, 29, is doing physical therapy exercises with guidance from her iPad.

"It leaves you with no questions," Johnson said.

It also has her back to running and climbing stairs without pain.

"I couldn't walk for five minutes without pain in my back and pain in my knee," Johnson said.

She was a high school athlete on the basketball and soccer teams. Johnson was left with a herniated disc and all sorts of knee issues that bothered her for years until she got an app called Motion Doctor.

"It changed my life, it really did. If I start to hurt, I just go to the Motion Doctor, find a couple exercise that I know will strengthen what I need to do," Johnson said.

"You can go through by body part, activity, sport and profession," Desirea Caucci, who developed the Motion Doctor app, said.

Caucci is a physical therapist at Conshohocken Physical Therapy.

"This is just a quick, easy way that anyone can have at their fingertips. A resource to do just that, prevent pain on their own," Caucci said.

The Motion Doctor app features over 60 video demonstrations of exercises and stretches.

"You can actually watch the person do it and make sure that your body is mimicking or mirroring exactly the right form," Caucci said.

Each video clip gives detailed instructions and demonstrates various moves that strengthen muscles, and stretch specific body parts.

"We felt there was a need to inform the public that there's basic exercises and stretches you can do for pain prevention," Caucci said.

She said the physical therapy pain prevention comes from getting and keeping muscles strong and stretched.

Johnson uses the runner app regularly to stay pain free.

"It's really a miracle worker," Johnson said.

Motion Doctor is designed to help people keep their bodies in shape and to keep pain away. It is not meant to replace seeing a physical therapist.

Anyone with an iPad can download the Motion Doctor from the app store for $14.99.


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