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New App Documents In-Home Belongings In Event Of Break-In

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If somebody breaks into your home, would you know what to report to the insurance company?

A new study shows most people do not have a good record of what they own.

Now, there is a quick and easy way to keep track of your belongings.

When thieves broke into Katy Caliguiri's home, they went right for the good stuff.

"They went into my bedroom and they took a couple of expensive purses, and jewelry. Unfortunately every single piece of jewelry that I own," Caliguri said.

A year later, Caliguiri is still reeling. And, she wonders if she remembered to report everything that went missing.

"The uncertainty that then comes along with walking in, room by room, and thinking, 'What was taken here?' 'What else happened?' 'What's next?' What am I going to find?' And it just adds to the extreme vulnerability that you feel," she said.

According to a new survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance, less than one in five Americans have a list of their belongings. Also, one-third are unsure of the value of what they own.

"It is very important to take an inventory of your belongings," says Liberty Mutual Insurance agent Cassie Turner.

The company's Home Gallery app is an easy way for consumers to log their possessions.

All you need to do it snap a photo of everything you own-- then log important information, like how much you paid, and when. You can also add receipts.

"The claims process is very stressful so the more documentation you have the easier the process will be and a lot less stressful," Turner said.

Download The App Here

Caliguiri says she wishes she had done a better job of documenting everything in her home.

"I think it would have given me a sense of safety afterwards knowing exactly what was gone instead of the continually guessing and wondering," she said.

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