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Police: Naked Man Arrested While High On LSD & Covered In Cooking Oil

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NORTH APOLLO (KDKA) – A man accused of resisting arrest while naked, covered in cooking oil and on LSD is facing a long list of charges.

The incident happened at a home along Clark Avenue in North Apollo on Jan. 16.

Lonnie Beatty, 19, allegedly took the powerful hallucinogenic, LSD, and began assaulting his mother, her grandchildren and his girlfriend.

He destroyed the inside of the trailer, but the family dog, Coda, was able to protect them long enough that they were able to escape into a bedroom and lock the door. That's where they called 911.

Eventually, they had to flee the home and take refuge in a car outside.

When police arrived, Beatty came out of the front door naked, covered in cooking oil and "only wearing one sock."

After refusing orders from police, officers used a Taser to try and take Beatty into custody. However, he started rolling around in snow and removed the Taser's leads from his body. Officers shot Beatty a second time with the Taser before apprehending him.

On Tuesday, Beatty appeared in court for a preliminary hearing. He was held for trial on charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The suspect's mother, Christine Anderson, told our Ross Guidotti that her son is really a good man whose actions were fueled by the drugs.

"Lonnie is a very big-hearted person. He's not a monster," Anderson said. Her son took something that "he had no idea would be as dangerous as it was," she explained.

Other charges of assault, recklessly endangering the welfare of children and terroristic threats were dropped when the victims refused to testify.

Anderson says her son is embarrassed by the incident and has apologized.

"I'm sure Lonnie learned a lot of hard lessons here," she said.

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