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2 Killed, 3 Injured In Beaver Falls Shooting

BEAVER FALLS (KDKA) -- Two people are dead and three are in injured after a shooting in Beaver Falls Monday night.

The Beaver County coroner identified the two victims as 31-year-old Dwayne Wells and 30-year-old Monte Warren. The cause of death for both was ruled a homicide. The Beaver County District Attorney's Office says two other victims were flown to hospitals where they underwent surgery. A fifth person was treated at the hospital and released.

The shooting left Beaver Falls residents frightened and frustrated. It happened outside of the Harmony Dwellings housing complex between 10th Street and 10th Avenue.

"This was one of the worst shootings we had down here with people getting hurt," said one resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

She has lived in the area for 19 years. She said shootings are taking over the streets.

"I heard a lot of gunshots. There were cars down there. They were shooting towards the buildings and people. As soon as I noticed it, I called 911."

Police and first responders arrived on scene last night, where several shots were fired.

They say at least three men were shot, and a coroner was at the location.

"I was scared. I was struck with fear watching everything play out, everyone just shooting at each other and drive away like nothing happened," said Candice Geier, who lives in Harmony Dwellings.

In exclusive video, you can hear the sounds of dozens of bullets.

"It's like someone was holding a gun to your ear, that's how loud it was. And not just a couple, but 31 gunshots and witness it and have your child witness it," said Geier.

Geier says she didn't recognize the group, but she wants to know why her neighborhood, and why in front of her kids.

"If you have a problem with someone, talk it out. Why do you have to pull a gun out, you aren't just risking your own life you are risking everyone around you," she said.

Cars were hit as well. Another woman we spoke to said her daughter's car was one of them. She also wanted to remain anonymous.

"There was shooting between two vehicles. Her car was in the middle. It was shot up seven times. This is terrible. We have to stop with the guns. Too many people are dying."

She says her daughter just moved to the housing complex, and now she wants her to move out.

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"She has three children. 7, 5 and 9 months. Being that it was so close and that I couldn't come here because they had everything blocked off…as a mother, you feel helpless."

Other residents are concerned about their safety too.

"We just want a neighborhood where we can come home, put our feet up and not have to worry about that," said the resident who has lived in the area for 19 years.

Residents say police patrol the area, but there is only so much they can do. More solutions are needed to stop the violence.

"Our lawmakers need to do something to get these guns off the street and get them out of the hands of people who just don't appreciate human life," said the mother. They say all they want is peace. One resident also told us she knows the victims and hopes they're okay and recover quickly.

The Beaver County District Attorney's Office says no charges have been filed at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

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