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'Put A Damn Guardrail Up:' Residents Of Lincoln Place Frustrated With Poor Road Conditions

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Potholes, a sinkhole, and now a ditch big enough to trap a moving truck for hours.

"Put a damn guardrail up, really, how much would that be?" Asked Michele Mazon, a resident of Muldowney Street in Lincoln Place.

The ditch is the newest problem plaguing that neighborhood and residents like Mazon say it's nothing new.

In fact, they say it's become so common they've lost count. The road conditions caused problems all winter and when a moving truck became stuck on Wednesday, they looked on with the same frustrations they've been facing for years.

"I've lived here 17 years, this is probably over 100 I've seen already go in the ditch," Mazon said. "You worry about kids riding their bicycles in the summertime, coming up this road here and he said one just came up the road before he flipped there."

"If it wasn't empty, we would've fallen over for real," said the truck driver. "And as you can see there's a gas line here."

Residents tell KDKA they have complained to the city but nothing has happened.

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