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Mt. Washington Sidewalks Cause Safety Concerns As Fourth Of July Approaches

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Sidewalks are crumbling and buckling in Mt. Washington — the perfect place to catch Fourth of July fireworks — and locals are concerned.

Some of the sidewalks are closed are off by the City of Pittsburgh Public Works and many who live on Mount Washington are concerned about safety for the Fourth of July crowd.

If you live in Pittsburgh, you know the best spot to be for the best view for the Fourth of July fireworks: right on the top of Mt. Washington.

But this year, you better watch your step and pay attention to signage. A section along Grandview Avenue is off limits.

With barriers up, people are walking in the street, and there are even mothers pushing baby carriages.

Mike Boyle, from Mt. Washington, says he is worried.

"I am concerned that people are going to get hit in the street," Boyle says.

Imagine this area the day of the Fourth of July with thousands of people juggling for a spot.

Doc Mendelson, also from Mt. Washington, has concerns as well.

"Sometimes people that want what they want don't always respect barriers when they are trying to get a better view of the fireworks," Mendelson says.

"I'm concerned that people are just going to climb over them and maybe have a few drinks and it's not going to be as safe as they want and it can be very problematic."

Katrina Ricks, the Director of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure says safety is a priority.

"We've been working with Public Safety. The sidewalks will be secured. We will have warnings, and we will do our best to keep people off of the sidewalks," Ricks says.

"It's only the area currently closed that is an area of concern. The rest are stable and should be fine."

But when will the actual sidewalk work begin?

"August is when we are going to begin construction. They are already under design. It will maybe take six weeks or so."

So July Fourth, pay close attention to where you can and cannot go.

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