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Mother Of Baby Found Unresponsive At Daycare Has Questions

WILKINSBURG (KDKA) -- The mother of a baby who was found unresponsive at a daycare center in Wilkinsburg is questioning what happened to her son.

"This will never end until justice is served for my 10-month-old baby," Desiree Pinkston said. "It will never end. Never! It was negligence on her part and she's gonna pay for it!"

The coroner confirmed 10-month-old Desmire Williams was in the care of a home daycare owned by Melody Lang on Singer Place in Wilkinsburg.

But that's where the long list of unanswered questions starts for the devastated parents, 22-year-old Derelle Williams and 27-year-old Pinkston.

"She owns a daycare on Ross Street. Why weren't my children in a daycare first of all instead of at her house where it's made like a bar," Pinkston questioned.

Police say the boy was put down for a nap and was unresponsive. The child's mother was then contacted about his sleeping habits, prompting her to come to the daycare. But when Desiree arrived to pick her son up about 5 p.m. Tuesday, she was handed his lifeless body.

"When she gave him to me he was freezing cold and I knew my baby wasn't breathing," she recalled. "I didn't even have to touch my baby. She didn't even hand him to me before I said, 'He's not breathing.' I seen it. His body was limp."

Desiree says the daycare owner said her baby was asleep for only an hour, but Desiree's other children, ages eight, seven and three were also at the daycare and told their mom their baby brother was asleep on the bed upstairs all day.

"My son was crying before I even got there and told the other children he thinks his baby brother is dead," she said. "And I asked why he said that? And he said because he wasn't moving for hours."

Derelle says the doctors at Children's Hospital told them their baby had been dead for up six hours.

"He was stiff! The doctors couldn't even preform CPR on him because it was too late," he said.

Allegheny County Police are still waiting for the toxicology report, but the initial autopsy revealed no internal or external trauma.

No charges have been filed at this time.

Meanwhile, funeral services will be held next Tuesday at the House of Law Funeral Home on Frankstown Road.

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