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More Fall-Out From Disclosure Of Ravenstahl's Role In Mayoral Campaign

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- More fallout in Pittsburgh's mayor's race.

KDKA revealed Tuesday that Mayor Luke Ravenstahl was behind new attack ad against Councilman Bill Peduto.

Then, the mayor had some words of his own on Facebook -- and now the other candidates are chiming in.

"This campaign keeps getting weirder," remarked Peduto Wednesday.

Many would agree.

Tuesday night KDKA reported that a political attack ad against Peduto came from a group chaired by Ravenstahl, the Committee for a Better Pittsburgh, a fact that didn't come to light until KDKA filed a required report with the Federal Communications Commission.

But it was a Post-Gazette story on the same topic that prompted Ravenstahl to respond on the P-G website and his own Facebook account.

"Truth is no one is hiding anything, nor has attempted to. I have personally been the Chairman of this committee since its inception," the mayor wrote.

Ravenstahl defended his ad.

"It's 100% factual and begins to expose the real Bill Peduto," his post stated. "Future ads will do the same. . . . The facts are that this is legal in every sense of the law and nothing more than a committee expressing it's (sic) first amendment rights. You 14th warders should love that right?"

"Then the mayor goes off on a rant on Facebook," noted Peduto. "I think it misses the point. The people of Pittsburgh don't really pay attention to that kind of garbage."

Peduto said it would backfire against Jack Wagner whom he claims the mayor supports.

"It's really not helping their cause of getting Jack Wagner elected or defeating me," noted Peduto.

Wagner says the Ravenstahl-Peduto feud is a sign of dysfunction in city government.

"I am not part of that scene but I've watched it for the last five years and I believe it's childish. They both need to grow up," said Wagner.

And both candidates had advice for Ravenstahl.

Wagner: "Talk about the issues and stop this pettiness related to politics."

Peduto: "He actually should be showing up here at work and maybe staying off Facebook a little bit."

No further comment from the mayor today.

The real political question is -- does the mayor's involvement in the race to elect his successor help -- or hurt -- Bill Peduto -- or Jack Wagner?

Peduto thinks it helps him by making it as clear as can be that he will be a sharp break from Ravenstahl.

Wagner says he's not engaged in that analysis -- but sees himself as the adult, saying all negative ads should be taken off the air.

The election is May 21.

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