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Monessen Police Construct Wall In Hopes Of Halting ATV Drug Deals

MONESSEN (KDKA) -- All-terrain vehicles are popular, but in one Westmoreland County town, authorities say some ATV operators are using their vehicles to deal drugs.

Now, the Monessen police chief is fighting back by building a wall in the middle of 9th Street Park.

He says it has been successful at walling off drug traffic.

"They're selling drugs, they're meeting people on these quads, they're coming out of the woods, meeting them, going right back in because the police aren't going to be able to grab them," said Chief John Mandarino.

"There's a choke point," adds Chief Mandarino. "There's one way in and one way out of that park now because we built that wall."

He says if riders are caught, the fines are extensive and their quads will be impounded.

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