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Monessen Mayor Misses Third Straight Council Meeting

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MONESSEN (KDKA) - The new mayor of Monessen is reportedly not showing up for work.

"We all took an oath of office in January saying we'd do our job and uphold our responsibilities," Monessen City Council member Anthony Orzechowski said.

According to Orzechowski, Mayor Matt Shorraw has missed three straight council meetings and doesn't come into his office at all.

"I don't believe that's what he was supposed to do when he took the oath of office," Orzechowski said.

matt shorraw
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He also says newly appointed councilman Gilbert Coles hasn't showed up to a meeting since February.

With the mayor and Coles missing in action and the recent death of Councilman Ron Chiaravalle, the Council claims it can't form a quorum and vote to pay bills and tend to city business.

"There's a lot of things in this town that need to be talked about," Orzechowski said. "Look at the streets, look at the blight."

Shorraw wasn't at his home when KDKA-TV News stopped by Friday.

"We're paralyzed, totally," Orzechowski said.

For his part, Shorraw issued a letter to voters on Monday saying he's staying away in part because, "The alleged reason for needing an immediate meeting to pay bills appears to be only a pretense in order to force a meeting and create a quorum ... I continue to have concerns about the intentions of others on Council until the Court fills this vacancy."

Concerns including Council specifically appointing someone who opposes the mayor.

"It can't happen. Our solicitor is not gonna let it happen. Third class city code won't let it happen. It's illegal," Orzechowski said.

If a new council member isn't appointed soon, a county judge will select one.

"You just don't do that. It's so immature," Orzechowski said. "Come and do what you have to do."

If the mayor and council do not appoint a new councilperson, it will be up to a judge in Greensburg and that decision can come anytime after June 27.

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