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Monessen Mayor Matt Shorraw Issues Mid-Year 'State Of The City' Address

MONESSEN, Pa. (KDKA) -- Mayor Matt Shorraw made headlines for not going to Monessen City Council meetings for 18 months, but earlier this year, he started coming back.

He told KDKA that he was trying to address city corruption.

When he came back, he made changes including the firing of the city solicitor, city administrator, and removing the law firm representing the city.

In his mid-year 'State of the City' letter, he says 2020 has been difficult with the pandemic, economic hardships, and everything in between.

Mayor Shorraw also thanks the city and city staff for their efforts during this time.

He pointed out several accomplishments over this year including the hiring of several city employees, including a city solicitor and city administrator, new downtown businesses opening, creating a new city website, working to re-establish the city's line of credit, and all their 2020 bills are up to date.

There are still goals to be accomplished, like paying off the 2019 bills, which the Mayor says were not paid because of fund mismanagement.

His letter says the city still has to pay more than $650,000.

Mayor Shorraw says the city is not nearing bankruptcy as some had predicted.

He says the city is doing better to save money, but it has a long way to go.

He wants to continue investment in roads, parks, future development, and help the current residents and businesses with what they need to grow.

A full copy of Mayor Shorraw's address can be seen below:

2020 Mid Year State of the City Address

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