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Monessen High School Evacuates After Bomb Threat

MONESSEN (KDKA) – Monessen High School was evacuated Thursday afternoon after school officials received a phone call by a student threatening to bomb the building.

A male student called the school at 1:30 p.m. and said that at 3:00 p.m., the high school would be "vaporized."

The bomb threat comes just days after a racial incident that occurred at a basketball game between Monessen and Brentwood high schools, during which Monessen players said racial slurs were yelled at them. Two fans were reportedly dressed in banana suits as well.

Superintendent Dr. Linda Marcolini of Monessen School District does not believe the bomb threat is connected to the racial slur incident.

"I think that would be a far reach," she said. "It seems the timing is there because everything is happening this week, but I would say no, it is not."

Marcolini said there is reason believe the caller was a student.

School officials say they have put a trace on the bomb scare phone call and will take action if they find the person responsible.

Marcolini confirmed that WPIAL, the governing body over high school sports, is now investigating. She is also contacting the NAACP and says she would like to see some kind of joint session occur between Monessen and Brentwood students to study race relations.

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