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"Mom" Star Allison Janney Gives Her Best Mom-Like Advice

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - Six-time Emmy Award winner and one of the stars of CBS's hit sitcom "Mom," Allison Janney joined Robert Mangino and Shelley Duffy on the Afternoon News.

Being a new team kicking off the first week of their new show, Mangino and Shelley asked Janney about how she prepares herself to work with a new cast and crew.

"It's really important to have chemistry and respect for the people you work with," Janney said. "Like Anna [Faris] and I, we immediately fell in a good place together. I think we have similar work ethics; we both like to have a lot of fun."

She says similarities - like always being on time or early, and being respectful of other people's time - help keep their relationship positive.

Janney laughed out loud when she commented about pairings not just being "thrown together," because that is exactly how Mangino and Shelley's show came to b.! Mangino compared it not to an arranged marriage, but to having a "work wife."

"A work one [marriage] I can do; I can get along with most anybody," Janney said. "There's only been a few people I've worked with that I wouldn't work with again, but I can't tell you who they are."

After some coaxing and begging Janney gave a clue as to one of the people she was referring to, but she would only give one initial - the letter "E."

Janney is known for her roles on the big screen, but the silver screen fans of 'Mom' are getting ready to watch the season finale tomorrow at 9 p.m. on CBS.

You can hear to whole interview here now as she wraps up this season and gives a preview of her hopes for season ahead:

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