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Milwaukee Wants To Wipe Pittsburgh Off The Map

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Milwaukee wants to wipe Pittsburgh off the map. Literally.

The city is holding a contest to rename Pittsburgh Avenue in the city of Milwaukee because of a redevelopment project.

The mayor of Milwaukee doesn't think the "Pittsburgh" name fits with plans for a new water technology and research park.

"With all due respect to the City of Pittsburgh, I'm hoping we will find a different name that matches the vision for this neighborhood," said Mayor Tom Barrett in a press release.

Turns out, Pittsburgh has a Milwaukee Street in the city's Hill District, and people there are a little puzzled by Milwaukee's decision.

"I feel sorry for them, because they don't know what Pittsburgh offers," said Preston Henderson.

"I strongly advise them not to do it," joked Benjamin Perrin. "If anything it would add accolades to Milwaukee, the mere fact that they have the name Pittsburgh. They should be sending us money come to think of it!"

Milwaukee's mayor says he wants the new name to reflect the "great ambitions" for their neighborhood.

The winner of the contest gets a replica of a street sign with the new name.

City of Milwaukee: Name A Street Contest
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