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Miller: Surprised By The Signing Of Suisham

93.7 The Fan NFL analyst and former Steelers punter Josh Miller called in to discuss the release of Jeff Reed and his replacement Shaun Suisham. Miller wasn't surprised with the release of Reed, he was more surprised by the signing of Suisham and thinks there is something about Suisham that for 5 years in the NFL he has not been wanted by any NFL team.

Miller was there the last the last time Reed had to win a tryout for the kicking position, and he agrees with the decision to bring in people to tryout. Tomlin had to make a tough decision to release Reed but gives him credit for sticking this word, even with Reed being one of the best players off the field with all his charity work.

Miller told the Fan Morning Show that Reed will be kicking with a team in the near future, because he is one of the best kickers in the league.


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