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Middle Kids Unite - International Union Says Strike For Attention

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) -   Middle children have argued for years that they don't get respect- the oldest sibling gets all the stuff, the youngest gets all the attention, and the middle kid gets whatever is left over. To raise awareness of the middle child's plight, Aug. 12 has been designated "Middle Child's Day," but middle child advocate Bruce Hopman says that it's not enough.

"It's a tough life for the middle child," says Hopman. "You're stuck in the middle and you crave attention your whole life."

That's why Hopman has created the International Middle Child Union (I.M.C.U.) so that all middle children could unite and go on strike for attention.

KDKA-AM's Larry Richert, a middle child himself, spoke to Hopman about his tongue-and-cheek approach to talking about the lack of attention for middle kids.

"It's like they gave us this holiday, just so they could ignore it," says Hopman. "I thought we should do something about- we should have a strike on Middle Child's Day, to help raise awareness."

Hopman says he came up with the idea when he was researching a book he was writing about middle children. He figured, if he didn't know about it, no one else must know either.

"I'm asking people to use #midkidstrike across their social media as a way to raise awareness. I have put up on my blog middle child greeting cards- you can send them to the middle children in your life," Hopman said.

You can check out Hopman's blog at where you can get more information about Middle Child's Day, his union , and other funny greeting cards like "Happy Belated Middle Child's Day," and another greeting card celebrating hand-me-downs.

"It's not easy going through life wondering if you're wearing your brother's old underwear," Hopman said.

Bruce Hopman

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