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New Evidence Introduced Into Westmoreland Co. Murder Trial Of Man Who Blames Shooting On Twin

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) -- New evidence was introduced on day two of a murder trial in Westmoreland County.

Darrelle Tolbert-McGhee's murder trial began Tuesday and continued Wednesday, when KDKA's Ross Guidotti reports prosecutors introduced a bullet fragment and clothing from murder victim Michael Wilson.

michael wilson murder trial bullet
(Photo Credit: KDKA's Ross Guidotti)

According to McGhee's attorney, the photos are irrelevant.

"There's no DNA in this case. There's no gun in this case. There's nothing to connect this murder to my client scientifically or forensically," said Defense attorney Tim Dawson.

McGhee's attorney claims his client wasn't the shooter, pointing to the man's twin brother as the one who fired the gun.

Dawson told the jury that 33-year-old Michael Wilson's murder was tragic, but police arrested the wrong brother. He calls the whole thing a case of mistaken identity.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)
dwayne tolbert-mcghee
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

McGhee has an identical twin brother. Dawson said the man pulling the trigger is not his client, but his now-dead brother Dewayne Tolbert-McGhee.

Chilling video of the April 2017 Jeannette shooting was shown in court. Wilson was seen running from a man opening fire on him.

An officer on the stand testified that he questioned the suspect's now-deceased twin brother on a drug case. When arrested, Dwayne told investigators he was his brother and even produced his brother's Pennsylvania identification card.

The defense says that's consistent with their theory of mistaken identity.

Watching the video of the shooting, Michael Wilson's child's mother took the stand saying she knew both of the McGhees and could tell the twins apart. She says she knows Darelle was the one firing the gun.

Dawson told reporters after Tuesday's proceedings that there's something else the jury will be contending with when it comes to Darrelle Tolbert-McGhee: "We intend to introduce evidence that my client was in the state of Florida the day of this shooting and we'll produce evidence to support that," Dawson said.

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