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McKeesport Couple Claims Repair Shop Will Not Repair Minivan

McKEESPORT (KDKA) -- A man from McKeesport says his ailing wife and premature baby are being put at risk because a car repair shop has kept his minivan for weeks and will not repair it.

The repair shop claims it's all a misunderstanding.

Jim Rocco worries about his wife's multiple sclerosis and his infant daughter who was born prematurely. He hasn't been able to take the baby to Children's Hospital for checkups.

His broken down minivan has been sitting at Pro-Fect Automotive for more than two weeks.

"I called his cell phone; I texted his cell phone. I called his business," said Rocco. "I've been going by every day. Now my tires are flat."

"He could have called and said, 'Look, I can't do it,'" said Tara Rocco, Jim's wife. "Mistakes happen; but nothing. I just wish he could have been honest."

The fact is, Pro-Fect Auto hasn't been open in a couple of weeks. There's a pad lock on the gate.

KDKA tracked down the owner, who says he's suffering from poison oak and can't work. But he told KDKA's Paul Martino there was no deal to fix the minivan.

"He did drop it off. He did ask me to work on it," said Brian Scarpone, the repair shop owner. "It is on a public street, but I don't have the keys. I don't have the van."

This isn't the first consumer complaint against Pro-Fect Automotive. The Better Business Bureau gives them a D-minus rating.

Scarpone denies taking the keys, and a $100 down payment to fix the Roccos' van. KDKA got the two sides together on the speaker phone.

Scarpone: "I don't have your keys. I have the van, its sitting on the side of Spring Street. I do not have your keys.

Tara Rocco: "You have my keys."

Later, Scarpone admitted he does have the keys. But he's adamant he never took the down payment.

Scarpone: "You didn't give me a dollar on that job."

Rocco: "I handed you…"

Scarpone: You did not."

KDKA does not know who's telling the truth about the down payment. But the two sides did agree to meet this weekend, and try to get the Roccos' minivan working again.

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