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M.E.'s Office Determines Baby Died From Ingesting Opioid Commonly Used To Tranquilize Elephants

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MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) -- The Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office says they have determined that a 1-year-old girl died earlier this year from ingesting a powerful opioid commonly used to tranquilize large animals.

First responders were called to the McKees Rocks home, in the 200 block of Greydon Avenue, back in August. When they arrived, they found a baby in distress.

Sadly, nothing could be done to save the life of 1-year-old Au'driana Cohen.

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The Medical Examiner has now ruled that Cohen's death was an accident, caused by deadly Carfentanyl toxicity, a drug used as an elephant tranquilizer because it is so powerful.

Linda McCrackan, of McKees Rocks, lives just down the street from the home where the Cohen baby died.

McCrackan says, in her opinion, "Her death was no accident. The baby should never... who in their right mind would have that stuff around a baby? Who in their right mind would have that stuff around the house?"

The McCrackans live down the street from where the Cohen family lived. The child's family has since moved away.

Allegheny County Police are still investigating the girl's death. So far, no charges have been filed in the case.

McCrackan was home the night of the child's death.

She told KDKA-TV'S Ralph Iannotti, "Paramedics came, police came. We seen them take a stretcher in. Then, the stretcher came right back out, and they put it in the ambulance and left. There was no siren. You couldn't see if someone was on the stretcher 'cause she was so small."

A charge of involuntary manslaughter, if any, is unlikely, since the death was ruled an accident, but if police found drugs in the home, the parents could be arrested for possession or endangering the welfare of children.

"Someone needs to be held responsible," McCrackan said. "The baby didn't get [that drug] on her own. I mean, that stuff, someone had to bring it in the house. The poor baby; it's a shame."

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