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Mother Outraged After Girl, 11, Finds Provocative Photo In McDonald's Video Game

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MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- A parent is outraged after her daughter allegedly found a provocative picture on a video game at a McDonald's Play Place.

The picture was bad enough, but the woman claims McDonald's employees did not to shut the game down immediately for investigation after she complained about it.

Jennifer Mudrick took her 11-year-old daughter to the McDonald's in Moon Township late Thursday afternoon for a snack and a place to play.

But Mudrick says she couldn't believe her eyes when her daughter started complaining about a provocative picture that appeared in a video game machine where she was playing Solitaire.

"I was shocked. I was just shocked," she said. "The cards should have like McGruff, or Ronald or the Fry Guy on it, not a woman in a provocative pose."

(Provided by Jennifer Mudrick)

Her daughter, Lily, was stunned and upset when she spotted the image.

"I don't think younger people should be seeing this either," Lily said.

Mudrick complained to management about the image, they blamed it on the vendor. But when KDKA arrived hours later, the video game was still in operation. It was finally turned off when we started asking questions.

Lisa Washington's Report:

"You would think that the staff would review the machine before they would let a child play on it," Mudrick said.

The restaurant's manager would not comment. He referred us to their corporate office.

In a statement to KDKA on Thursday night, a McDonald's spokesperson said:

"This is not in keeping with the spirit of those games. The game has been pulled and will be researched tomorrow. This game has been around for some time and has never been an issue."

In a second statement, Gwen Bruno-Menzer, the director of operations for that McDonald's franchise, said:

"The game in question has been in operation for more than a decade without issue. As soon as I learned that a customer had expressed concern, I immediately had the on-site team remove the game so we can further investigate. McDonald's is committed to providing quality experiences for families."

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