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Police: Man Murders Ex-Wife And Her Mother Before Killing Himself In McDonald

MCDONALD, Pa. (KDKA) - People are still in shock about what happened in the quiet community of McDonald, Washington County. Police say 27-year-old James Garove shot his 27-year-old ex-wife Christina Carr and her mother, 57-year-old Suzanne Faingnaert before turning the gun on himself.

Carr filed a petition for a protection from abuse order against Garove in September of 2020, but her request was denied. In the request for a temporary protection from abuse order, Carr said things got heated when Garove accused her of seeing someone else.

In the request for a PFA, Carr goes on to say Garove took off, then came back drunk and demanded she reimburse him for money he put into fixing her car. When she told him she didn't have the money to give him, that's when she says he threatened to wreck into her car and take the parts that he paid for.

suzanne Faingnaert James Garove Christina Carr
(Photos provided by Libby Faingnaert)

The petition goes on to say things escalated when he grabbed a bag full of empty bottles and hit her in the mouth, giving her a swollen lip. She said she called 911 and that's when he took off in his truck.

Family members said the couple had been on and off for a while. About a year ago, Carr moved into the Valley Street apartment where Monday night's shooting happened and Garove had been living on and off in the apartment since then.

The couple shared a 6-year-old son. He wasn't home when the shooting happened. Family members said Garove was there gathering belongings to move out. Carr stopped by to see what he was taking and that's when things got out of control.

Family members said Carr had her mom, Faingnaert come over.

Neighbors said Carr was a lovely person and her ex-husband seemed like a nice guy.

"I really liked her. She was a nice girl. She'd do anything for you," said neighbor Carol Gates. "My husband talked to him about 3:30, 4 p.m. He came in and said, 'he's a nice guy,' because he never talked to him much."

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