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Car Dealership's Auxiliary Lot Flooded In McCandless

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MCCANDLESS (KDKA) -- An auxiliary parking lot for local car dealerships was flooded Friday morning following heavy rains overnight in McCandless.

The high water that the vehicles sat in caused some of the alarms to activate.

"This is our auxiliary lot," said John Maus, of Shults Ford. "We share it with Baierl Chevrolet Acura and Subaru. Basically, this is our run over lot that we use when we can't fit everything in the original lot."

Now the task ahead is moving the vehicles to higher ground or at least dry ground, which workers were slowly doing on Friday morning.

The lot is the old movie theater location along McKnight Road in McCandless.

KDKA's Brenda Waters: "How many cars are affected by the water?"

"I was just speaking to Mr. Baierl, he believes 30 to 40 of his [cars were affected[," said Shults Ford owner Richard Bazzy. "I really don't think that ours is that big, maybe 20. Just being in the water, two inches into the tires, that really doesn't damage the vehicle."

But will those damaged vehicles be sold?

"No," said Bazzy. "That would be going to the insurance company. The insurance company would dispose of them, so we will not sell any flood damaged vehicles."

Police and workers from the dealership were working to get all the vehicles moved out of the flood waters before the expected temperature drop and winter storm later today.

McCandless isn't the only trouble spot for flooding. There are reports from all over the western Pennsylvania region of severe flash flooding.

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