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Mayor's Attorney Says Work On House Is On The Up And Up

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- When the mayor bought his house in Fineview last August -- he immediately turned to one man: Bill Rogers.

Rogers was the recipient of millions of dollars in contracts and loans from the city -- to perform the renovations.

Federal investigators want to know why.

Rogers -- the owner of Allstate Development and R & B Excavation and Construction of Homestead -- has performed $2.3 million work for the city since 2010 -- including a $750,000 no-bid contract for building this retaining wall over McArdle Roadway last year.

And back in 2011 Rogers and Allstate received a $900,000 low interest loan from the city Urban Redevelopment Authority to assist in the development of these upscale houses in Lincoln Place.

In light of this on-going relationship with the Ravenstahl administration, federal investigators are trying to determine whether the mayor has received special favors from Rogers and had work performed on his house at a discount.

Today, the mayor's attorney said no.

Over the phone, attorney Charles Porter told KDKA's Andy Sheehan the mayor has a contract with Allstate of which he has paid $12,000 -- and that he will pay the balance when the work is completed.

Porter says the contract has been provided to federal investigators.

At the house, there are still pallets of stone for a retaining wall or patio and French windows waiting to be installed.

But as the work continues so do the questions.

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