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Mayor Peduto Voices Support Of Lyft & Uber

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Mayor Bill Peduto is siding against the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's order for Lyft and Uber to cease and desist operations.

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, Peduto stated, "I will not let the Governor and the Public Utility Commission shut down innovation without a fight."

He went on to voice his support of emerging technologies, saying that the people of Pittsburgh know they cannot, "cling to a Jurassic Age of transportation options" like the commission.

"We will fight together to find ways to promote entrepreneurship and modern transportation options while protecting the safety of riders and drivers alike," he said.

The mayor cited a recent case in Colorado that allowed ride-sharing services and urged Pennsylvania to take the opportunity to do the same.

"If the governor and the PUC are unable to adapt to the new, we will work with Republican and Democratic leaders in the Legislature who support free-market capitalism, innovation and technology instead," the statement concluded.

Peduto first reacted to the cease-and-desist orders on Twitter, saying, "We will not let PUC shut down innovation without a battle. Ride sharing is worldwide. Technology does not stand still. PA PUC must change."

Tuesday, the PUC issued orders for Lyft and Uber, two app-based ride-sharing services, to cease and desist their services in Pittsburgh on the claims that neither company has proper authority from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to provide paid transportation services.

Lyft and Uber have seven days to file briefs to the Commission. Uber says that despite the order, they will continue to operate in Pittsburgh.

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