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Matt Cooke Show: Bruins Pose Challenges For Pens

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - While waiting for the Eastern Conference Finals to begin, Pittsburgh Penguins winger Matt Cooke joins Sportsradio 93.7 The Fan's Vinnie & Cook to preview the series against the Boston Bruins.

It will be eight days between games for the Penguins when they finally take the ice against the Bruins, and Cooke has mixed feelings about the long layoff.

"I think the first couple of days, we thought it was good to get some rest or whatever," Cooke said. "Then, it took so long to get to know what our schedule was, and from that standpoint it was frustrating. But at the end of the day, Boston finished only a day behind us, so they have the same break. We just have to make sure we're ready for Saturday."

"I think we've gotten a chance to really focus and prepare moving forward, which is always a good thing. The more you can see, the more preparation you can do, the better off you're going to be no matter what."

Cooke's history against Boston will make him a likely focal point for Bruins fans, especially when the series shifts back to Boston. While Bruins fans may be thinking about Cooke, the felling isn't mutual.

"If I was worrying about what the fans are going to say or do, or even worried about what's going to happen on the ice, then I'm not going to be the best I need to be," Cooke said. "I need to be free and clear of all that stuff, and just go out and focus on my job. I'll let the rest take care of itself."

As for what it's like to face Boston's giant-sized defenseman Zdeno Chara, Cooke said, "I think my shoulder hits him at about his hipbone."

Cooke also looks back on his role in the Penguins' impressive series win over the Ottawa Senators, and reveals whether he is enjoying the ride or too focused on the task at hand.

Matt Cooke Show (May 29)

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