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Marketing Expert Separates Hottest Holiday Toys From Hype

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- When it comes to picking the perfect gift, how do you know what's hot this holiday season?

Plenty of retailers are making it easy for you with lists… lots of lists.

In the '80s, it was the Cabbage Patch Kids. The '90s, it was Tickle Me Elmo. But in 2012, what's the hottest toy around? Retailers are certainly trying to help you figure it out.

Toys 'R Us has the "Fabulous 15," the 15 hottest toys of the season. Kmart, Target and Walmart all name the top toys of 2012, too.

But only Furby appears on all four lists. So, is that the hottest toy of the year?

On their way to see Santa, KDKA decided to ask a bunch of kids what they wanted for Christmas.

"A princess," said one.

"I want a skateboard," said another.

One little girl wanted a Barbie. And another wanted a Barbie car.

"I want a pony," said one child.

Only little Hailey even mentioned a toy found on a hot list.

"For Christmas, I want Monster High Dolls," she said.

And nobody mentioned Furby.

So, if only one of these kids mentioned a hot toy, then who is behind these top toy lists the retailers are spouting?

Professor Elaine Luther, a marketing expert from Point Park University, says it's all about creating hype.

"If it's hard to get, people want it more," says Luther. "If you think something is hot and other people think it's hot, then you have to grab it while you can."

Whether or not these lists contain one of the hottest toys of the year remains to be seen; but truth be told, it's hard for Santa to go wrong when he puts a toy - any toy - under the Christmas tree.

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