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Man Wraps Face Like Mummy, Robs Herminie Convenience Store

HERMINIE (KDKA) – State police in Greensburg are investigating an armed robbery.

It happened Monday afternoon at the Exxon Buy N' Fly mini mart in the village of Herminie, Westmoreland County.

A guy walked into the store at about 3 p.m. armed with a hatchet. He wore dark cloth wrapped around his face, looking like a mummy.

No one was injured, and the suspect escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.

One resident of Herminie told KDKA-TV she thought the suspect might be someone local.

"Everyone knows each other [in town], we know each other's business, so, it's kind of hard to get into trouble, without someone knowing what you're doing," she said.

Another resident attending a local neighborhood crime watch meeting at the public library in Herminie said he was surprised the suspect brandished a hatchet.

He speculated, jokingly, that perhaps his face was wrapped in cloth, "because he was cold."

The suspect wore a red hooded sweatshirt and is believed to be white male between 5-feet 5-inches and 5-feet 9-inches tall. State police say the man is in his 30s and had several missing teeth.

State police ask anyone with information to call 724-832-3288.


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