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Man Who Attacked Bicyclist Sentenced To 7-14 Years

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A man convicted of brutally attacking a bicyclist on the South Side is headed to prison.

Anthony Scholl Jr., 23, was sentenced Thursday to 7 to 14 years in prison, followed by 27 years of probation. In March, he was found guilty on charges of attempted homicide, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person.

"We're satisfied with the sentence," Ryan Tutera, Scholl's attorney, said. "We're satisfied that Judge Borkowski exercised his judicial discretion and looked at the case for what it is."

Before the sentence was read, Scholl addressed the court, apologizing to his victim, 26-year-old Colin Albright.

It was September 2012 when Scholl attacked Albright and slashed his throat on the steps of the South Side Slopes after a road rage incident. Despite suffering severe injuries, during the sentencing, Albright displayed a great deal of compassion for Scholl and his mental health issues.

"Treatment and effort to stabilize him is what's important," Albright said. "I've said before and it's true, I have no desire to see him in prison as a punishment and to make me feel better. That's not justice."

Scholl cried as his family members read statements. Most talked about Scholl being a hard-working, caring and respectful young man, suffering with schizophrenia. They say it was mental illness that drove Scholl to unthinkable violence.

During Scholl's taped statement in 2012, he stated that he was "in a daze" when he stabbed Albright.

"I was hearing loud voices in my head telling me to hurt him," he said. "And I felt euphoric. I felt like I was high or drunk on something...I had not taken any drugs.

After the sentencing, Albright hugged Scholl's mother and other family members.

"It was a relief just to be able to talk to them and to know we felt the same," Albright said. "They are sorry for what happened to me, but they are people with a family, and he's a member of their family, and I feel sorry for them."

"I think for both sides, it was very therapeutic," Tutera said. "And it was a bit of closure for both sides, and if anything, that was a victory for both parties."

Scholl will receive credit for the two years he has already served behind bars.

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