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Grown Man Pins Down 13-Year-Old Boy On Playground

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A 46-year-old Greenfield man is facing charges after a cell phone video shows him pinning down a 13-year-old boy.

The confrontation happened last week in a playground across the street from Thomas D'Andrea's Saline Street home.

The cell phone video was taken by the boy's sister, who pleads for D'Andrea to let her brother go. She says her brother has asthma and that he's bleeding from his mouth.

Court documents say D'Andrea told police he saw the boy in an abandoned construction truck parked nearby.

The truck was not D'Andrea's. According to the juvenile, he walked over to the truck to check it out and to sit inside it.

D'Andrea told the boy he was calling the police and he would give him a head start to run.

The boy admitted he swung at D'Andrea, hitting him in self defense after he dodged one of D'Andrea's punches.

A criminal complaint states that D'Andrea witnessed a young man vandalizing the truck, and while he called police multiple times, nothing happened.

So, he decided to confront the juvenile himself.

He added that he took it upon himself to pin the boy down until police arrived.

After sorting through the incident, police said in the complaint that "they determined D'Andrea to be the aggressor."

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