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Man In Protest Walk From Milwaukee To Washington, D.C. Injured In Shooting In Bedford County

JUNIATA TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- A man participating in a cross-country protest from Milwaukee to Washington, D.C. was injured in a shooting.

A live-streamed video was shared from the protest's group leader, Frank Nitty, who is on a cross-country walk from Milwaukee to Washington, D.C. Nitty was in Pittsburgh over the weekend for a protest.

Overnight, several marchers were walking with Nitty when he says two people started shooting at the crowd on the 800 block of Lincoln Highway. 
Police say this happened after an argument between the protesters and people who live there. Police also say the protesters shot back.

But that is not the story protestors shared with KDKA. Nitty said there was never even an argument, and the group was shocked when one of the residents came outside and started shooting.

Nitty said a fellow protestor was shot in the face after a resident fired multiple shots at the group while yelling racial slurs.

When the protester was taken to a nearby hospital, Nitty told KDKA that the protester was detained by state police and denied visitation before being released late Tuesday afternoon after Nitty's attorney got involved.

"The hate crime people came through. Then he was about to be released from the hospital and they were talking about he's being detained and they got a search warrant for him. ... They went on they website and called it an argument that led to a shooting. Nobody was arguing. We didn't even see the dudes," said Nitty.

The group of about 60 people is currently walking 700 miles to meet Rev. Al Sharpton in Washington, D.C. for the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech.

Nitty said this was only the latest snag in a journey filled with racism, arrest, and agitation. The journey still continues.

At last check, the victim is expected to be OK. Pa. State Police say that two individuals are being questioned.

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