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Man In Court After St. Patrick's Day Police Altercation

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Cell phone images capture a moment with a man face down on the ground and struck on the back by a police officer during this year's St. Patrick's Day celebration.

There is a long list of charges, including disorderly conduct and public drunkenness – and the attorney says the wrong person is the defendant.

The video and photos taken of the incident may suggest that Edward Lojak is the victim in this case, but he is the defendant.

Lojak suffered a broken nose, which now has zero breathing capacity and had to undergo major surgery, according to his attorney.

He was celebrating St. Patrick's Day weekend with a friend who had been kicked out of a nightclub on the South Side, reportedly because he was intoxicated and refused to leave the area. He was arrested and police say he resisted. Lojak went to assist his friend and was supposedly pushed to the ground by an officer.

Lojak was taken to Mercy Hospital, but they say something is wrong with this picture.

"Until a video comes about with the media that Mr. Lojak three days later is arrested," attorney Phil DiLucente said. "His co-defendant on the other hand, is arrested immediately that day. I think this speaks volumes as to what's really going on here."

All charges held for court.

"We are disappointed, but not defeated," DiLucente said. "This case is far, far, far from over and not just in the criminal world for Mr. Lojak."

DiLucente also said Wednesday that, "I assure you, there is more video out there."

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