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Man Caught On Tape Stealing Copper From North Shore Tent

NORTH SHORE (KDKA) -- Pittsburgh police say a man stole thousands of dollars worth of copper wire from a construction tent outside Gate A at Heinz Field.

Charles Gaurrich, 45, who described himself as homeless, is facing charges of trespassing and theft.

Security personnel positively identified Gaurrich as the man they saw on their security cameras early Monday – first with an empty grocery cart and then again later on the surveillance camera pushing a cart filled with copper wire.

Police say the tent has been the scene of several recent burglaries. The tent is used for storage of cable and construction materials used at the Stage AE Amphitheater which opens Friday.

Meantime, State police in Fayette County say they are investigating a string of recent thefts involving telephone cable in Redstone, Springhill and North Union Townships.

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