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Police: Man Arrested In Apparent Road Rage Shooting Along Pennsylvania Turnpike

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A woman is glad to be alive after she was shot during an apparent road rage incident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Morgan King, 38, is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries. She said she was driving home to the Philadelphia area on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near New Stanton after a weekend visiting friends in Pittsburgh when she saw a gun pointed at her.

(Photo Courtesy: Pennsylvania State Police)

Police say King was heading east in the center lane when she accidentally drifted into another lane and cut off Andrew Skinner, 30, of Monroeville.

As she continued driving, King said she noticed Skinner's car pull in front of her before slowing down to get beside her. She told investigators that's when he rolled down his passenger window, showed her a handgun and opened fire.

The bullet went through the driver's side door and hit King in the abdomen. She was traveling with her pet bird named Liberty, but no one else was in the car.

Morgan King
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"I am ok. They had to do surgery on my small bowel but a full recovery is expected," King told KDKA's Amy Wadas over Facebook. "Thanks to the EMS and highway patrol that helped me. The EMS were amazing and kept me calm."

"I am glad that they got him so he can't do it to anyone else," she added.

State police said they eventually caught up to Skinner further down the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

"This is not a common incident in this area. It's very uncommon for something like this to happen," said trooper Cliff Greenfield. "We want to avoid confrontation on our highways. The best thing you can do is pull over and call 911."

During questioning, Skinner told detectives why he fired at King's car. He said he got mad because he'd been run off the road in the past. Investigators found a 9-millimeter pistol in Skinner's car when they searched his vehicle.

He is in the Westmoreland County Prison facing multiple charges, including attempted homicide.

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