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Man Allegedly Uses iPhone App To Impersonate Police

CASTLE SHANNON (KDKA) -- A local man is facing charges for using an iPhone app to impersonate a police officer during a road rage incident.

Adam E. Phillips, of Bethel Park, was stopped at a red light on Saw Mill Run Road behind a vehicle driven by Vincent Sterafore.

According to the police criminal complaint, when the light didn't change, Phillips began honking his horn. Sterafore pointed to the light, which was still red.

Once the light changed, Phillips followed Sterafore as he made a right turn onto Library Road where he began flashing his headlights, honking his horn and allegedly tailgating.

At that point, Phillips allegedly placed his iPhone on the dashboard and activated an app that had blue and red strobe lights that look like police lights.

Sterafore pulled over into the parking lot of Stone Centre because he wasn't sure if Phillips was a police officer or not.

Once there, Sterafore and his passenger, Michael Pritchard, got into an argument with Phillips. It escalated into a scuffle when Pritchard and Phillips began shoving each other.

The fight eventually broke up and both Phillips and the other driver and passenger left the parking lot.

Sterafore and Phillips then called 911 to report what happened.

Phillips told police he thought Sterafore made an obscene gesture to him at the red light and said they threw a McDonald's bag at his car. Sterafore and Phillips denied that.

Phillips allegedly told police he wanted the other driver to believe he was a police officer so he would pull over and admitted to deleting the app from his phone after he initially spoke to a police officer.

Phillips is facing a list of charges, including reckless driving, tampering with evidence, harassment and impersonating a public servant.

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