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Man accused of brutally attacking neighbor with brick in New Kensington

Man attacked with brick in New Kensington
Man attacked with brick in New Kensington 02:41

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — Police in New Kensington said a man fractured his neighbor's skull with a brick.

Jeff Stanley is recovering after the attack, but he is happy to be alive. 

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"I have about 25 or 30 stables," Stanley said. "And maybe four or five stitches."

"I thought I was going to die," he added.

He was sent to the hospital after Christopher Perry lured him from his home and attacked him with a brick, according to law enforcement. 

"I walked out first and wham, in the back of my head with a brick," Stanley said. "Split my head wide open."

It was the first of many blows, according to Stanley.

"He just kept hitting me with a brick about six or seven times," he said.

After the attack, police said Perry went back to his home, which he is renting from Stanley, and was later arrested. 

One of Stanley's friends called 911. He said shortly before the attack, Perry aggressively confronted him.

"I was mowing the grass in the backyard, he came up to me yelling in my face, walking fast, asking me do I believe in God," Danny Best said.

Both Best and Stanley said they believe Perry's behavior was a result of a bad reaction to the medicine he was taking after recent brain surgery.

"I would have never thought that guy would do something like that to me. He's a good guy," Stanley said.

As a result of the attack, Stanley said he has a fractured skull and a brain bled. He is improving as he recovers at the hospital.

Perry is in the Westmoreland County Jail facing numerous charges, including aggravated assault. 

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