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Westmoreland County Man Accused Of Abusing 4-Week-Old Kitten So Severely It Had To Be Put Down

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) -- A Westmoreland County man is accused of abusing a 4-week-old kitten so severely that the animal had to be put down.

Police say Anthony Corbin II is also suspected in the disappearance of another kitten.

kittens abused
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"The jaw was separated," Greensburg Police Captain Shawn Denning said. "There was apparent head trauma."

The two cats were allegedly staying with Corbin and the sister of the woman who owned the cats. When the owner of the kittens showed up to get her pets, she allegedly found the one kitten with injuries. The other cat could not be found.

"They were not able to provide information on where the other kitten was at," Captain Denning said.

The surviving kitten was taken to a veterinarian, who determined the animal was beyond help and was put down. Captain Denning said the veterinarian told the owner, "This is the worst apparent kitten abuse he had seen."

anTHONY Corbin
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

KDKA's Ross Guidotti stopped by Corbin's apartment, and no one answered. However, when asked how the animal was injured, Corbin allegedly told the officers this.

"He was blaming it on the other kitten. They pounced on them, that's how the injury occurred," Captain Denning said.

"It was apparent he was extremely unhappy that the cats were there, and he wanted them gone," the captain added. "He still denied any wrongdoing even though he was the only one there at the time."

Corbin, who neighbors say was kicked out of where he was living, faces multiple charges.

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