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Man Accused In Sexual Assault Hospitalized For Gunshot Wound

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A Braddock man accused in the sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl has been hospitalized after being shot.

Warren Keith, 35, was taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound. When he's released, he will face charges in the alleged rape.

Police say they believe the sexual assault happened at an apartment on Webster Avenue in Pittsburgh's Hill District.

"Not only is the child dealing with what physically happened to them, but the betrayal as is said, it's very difficult for families to cope with this," said Alison Hall, of Pittsburgh Action Against Rape.

The child gave police a graphic description of the ordeal in a criminal complaint.

According to investigators, when it was over she reported that Keith warned: "If you tell your mother, hell will take over because she will try to kill me and she will end up in jail."

"Obviously, we advocate for people to seek counseling," said Hall. "A lot of times people don't because of the safety issues; a lot of offenders threaten children, threaten not only their lives and the lives of their families, and a lot of times children don't tell and it's very brave of this girl to come forward."

The girl's mother took her to Mercy Hospital where she was treated for injuries.

After reports of the alleged assault got out, authorities say Keith got into a fight and was shot, allegedly by a friend of the victim's family.

Keith was out on parole and was participating in a work release program at Gateway Rehab in Braddock.

As for the girl, Hall believes that it is possible for her to heal with counseling.

"It's not something as you go through life you totally forget about; it's actually managing and learning how to live with the trauma that happened to you in a healthy way to develop the health skills to deal with it. "

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