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Malnourished, Neglected Pit Bulls Rescued From Home

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Kathy Hecker with Animal Friends says what she found Tuesday at 213 Sagamore Street is repulsive.

She found two pit bulls living without food or water among piles of their own feces tied up with a heavy chain.

"One has a very bad infection on the leg," Hecker said. "They've got pressure sores, they're malnourished. They're probably full of parasites."

Officers were at the home Monday to observe conditions after receiving complaints that the dogs were constantly cold and wet. The dogs' owner, Erica Montgomery was asked to call authorities.

And when she didn't, authorities went in Tuesday, removing the dogs and taking them to animal friends in the North Hills.

Both animals were given shots, fresh water and a good bath

Both are expected to make a full recovery. As for Montgomery who has had complaints about mistreating numerous animals dating back to 2008, Hecker says she'll ask a judge to make sure the cycle can't repeat itself again.

"We can get prohibition and they're not allowed to walk them, visit people, take care of them, own them nothing," Hecker said.

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