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Majorette team at University of Pittsburgh breaks barriers

Majorette team at Pitt breaks barriers
Majorette team at Pitt breaks barriers 02:53

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - It's been over one year since the University of Pittsburgh welcomed its first-ever majorette team.

"Not only are we dancing a different type of style, but we're also dancing something that connects to our roots, makes it even more beautiful," said Chelsea Adinuba, founder & captain of the Pitt Pantherettes.

It's the first-ever majorette team in the school's history. One year ago, Adinuba brought 12 women together through the love of dance. 

"It has a mixture of jazz, African styles, lyrical, it has a mixture of styles of dance, and we do eight counts, so I would through a stand and then everybody else on the team would join in."

Majorette dance originated from historically black colleges and universities dating back to the late 1960s. In the last few years, it's gone beyond HBCUs.

In 2022, the University of Southern California, welcomed its first ever majorette team, the Cardinal Divas.

Just like the Pitt Pantherettes, they're making history.

"It feels absolutely amazing. I know sometimes it's hard for black women to make a step out anywhere and the fact that we are the first majorette team here at this PWI just feels amazing," said Akerah Winder.

The team at this PWI, or predominately white institution, consists of 12 members, each of them spaced out in the stands.

Winder is the tail. Just like the captain, she stands solo in her row.

"Majorette dance is all about have attitude, it's about technique of course but we really want to keep the people entertained. We have to have a lot of facial expressions even though everybody else on the team does, the tail just everything to the performance," Winder added.

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