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Postal Carrier Attacked By Pit Bulls In Chartiers

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Mail service will stop temporarily on a Chartiers street after a postal carrier was attacked by a pit bull Tuesday.

The man, a 15 year vet of the postal service, was bit on his legs by two pit bulls who escaped from their yard on Ellopia Street. Reportedly they were able to escape through a hole in the fence.

He was taken to the hospital and treated, but his injuries are not considered life-threatening and is expected to be OK.

Witnesses say they pulled the two dogs off the mailman.

Mail carriers carry pepper spray and are trained to use their satchels to defend against any dog attacks.

However, authorities say he wasn't able to react quickly enough. The mailman also wears a hearing aid.

The postal service says it is stopping mail delivery on Ellopia Street for at least 10 days.

Animal Control cited the dogs' owner for having dogs without rabies shots.

A postal worker is home and recovering after his vicious dog attack while delivering mail in a Chartiers. Public Relations Spokesman of the Western Pennsylvania District of the United States Postal Service, Tad Kelly, joined Mike Pintek to talk about what the postal service is doing in response to this attack.

"Since there isn't always the same currier carrying the mail, we have a map in the office of warning areas to alert all our employees," said Kelly. "If we are attacked, we'll notify Animal Control and let them address the situation and if it's real bad, we may withhold delivery until it's taken care of."

Kelly explains that so far this year, the city of Pittsburgh has increased 35 percent with dog attacks, not just pit bulls. So far, there has been 23 dog attacks on postal workers.

"Animal Control has placed the 10-day quarantine on the house where the pit bulls live. We'll deliver the mail just as soon as we feel safe," said Kelly. "This is one street with seven houses and right now, we are following the lead of the Animal Control before moving forward."

Tad Kelly

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