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Axe-Throwing Facility Opening In Millvale Generating Lots Of Buzz

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Instead of dinner and a movie, why not change it up and do dinner and axe-throwing?

What's happening inside a former warehouse in Millvale may sound a little odd.

People are throwing axes for fun and competition.

But, Lumberjaxes is part of a trend and once people try it, some get hooked.

"People are just thrilled to come in here and throw sharp objects at wood. It's a huge stress reliever," Corey Deasy said.

Kelly Gordon had never done this before.

"I was scared throwing the first one because I didn't know where it was going to go, but then it hit the target," Gordon said.

After a few initial throws, she got the hang of it and now she's enjoying the challenge.

"It's kind of an adrenaline rush," she said.

Watch Heather Abraham and Ron Smiley try it out on Pittsburgh Today Live:

"I have found that women tend to do better than the guys - especially macho guys - who think they're gonna come in here and throw bullseyes off the bat," Deasy said.

Deasy is one of the founders of Lumberjaxes, along with Matt Peyton and Jack Welsh.

Deasy knows a thing or two about unique entertainment. He's also one of the owners of the area's first escape rooms, in Greenfield.

A group from KDKA-TV solved clues and escaped the room for a story on "Your Pittsburgh" a few years back.

He says competitive axe throwing started in Canada and then venues opened in Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia and now, Pittsburgh.

"It's the largest axe-throwing facility in the united states right now," Deasy said.

With 20 lanes, they can accommodate a 150 people.

"I started off not so great. But then, after playing a couple times, a few throws - you just get a hang of it," Welsh said.

KDKA-TV's David Highfield decided to give it a try. Like anyone else new to the activity, Highfield received plenty of instruction.

After a few throws, Highfield figured out the technique and was sticking axes on the board!

Ameesh Kapoor has also gotten his technique down, but was intrigued as soon as he heard about the place.

"I thought it sounds pretty cool. I mentioned it to my wife and she was immediately very scared for my safety," Kapoor joked.

In addition to the instruction, everything at the facility is built to certain safety specifications.

"To try to explain what this is to someone - it comes off as a little bit nutty. But, then you get in here and see all our safety precautions and that we're going to train all of our employees to really monitor what's going on," Peyton said.

They say even if you've never held an ax before, there's no reason to feel intimidated.

"Because after 10-25 throws, you'll be sticking axes, you'll be hitting bullseyes, you'll be having fun just like everyone else," Deasy said.

They will open in the middle of August, but you can already make reservations on their website here.

It costs either $20, or $35 a person, depending on how long you stay.

It's also BYOB, but they'll keep a close eye on that.

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