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Do Not Ignore Low Tire Pressure And Tread, Could Be Hazardous In Low Temperatures

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)-- The snow falling in the region tonight is hitting a road surface that turns it to slush, or melts it to liquid form.

But, both are hazards if you are driving on tires with worn-down treads.

Troubleshooters owner Tim Dietz says the deep grooves in your tires, "are to disperse moisture so when you're running the water is pushed out the side of the tires and the rubber makes contact with the road which is where you get your traction."

Dietz says if you can stick your finger between the treads and touch the bottom that tire is not going to be a lot of help in this weather.

He also says do not ignore that low tire pressure light on your dash. Low pressure can impact control.

A sticker in the door frame of your driver's door will tell you proper inflation.

As the temperatures drop he says putting in a couple of extra pounds of pressure will help keep a cold tire from becoming too low.

It's all about confidence Dietz says, "You know when you're driving down the road you want to feel confident that when you go to steer the car is going to go where you want it to go. And if you have do have worn down tire in the wintertime, you're going to steer it and it's going to go straight when you want to go around a turn."

Incredibly a tire could have two 32nds tread depth left and still pass state inspection.

So, just because your tire passed state inspection it does not mean it's safe for winter driving.

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