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Website Of Dead Celebrity's Tweets Getting Attention

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A local man and his friend are getting international attention for a rather unusual collection.

They've put together the final tweets of famous people before their deaths on a website called "The Tweet Hereafter."

"I think the reaction is a mixture of a little bit creeped out, but more so intrigued," said Jamie Forrest from his home in Squirrel Hill.

He and Michael McWatters started talking about last tweets after conservative writer Andrew Breitbart's death.

"My friend Michael said, 'I wonder what my last tweet will be?' And then I responded to him that that would be kind of interesting site to make," Forrest said.

They kept their project private until Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius allegedly murdered his girlfriend.

"Her final tweet was just so tragic," said Forrest.

The tweet read: "What do you have for your love tomorrow? Get excited. Valentine's Day." Reeva Steenkamp was killed on Valentine's Day.

Certainly, famous people's final words have always been interesting to people. The final thoughts of presidents and authors have been well-publicized, but the age of social media changes things a bit.

The site lists that country singer Mindy McCready tweeted this a month before she killed herself: "Things have been hectic, but I'm still here."

It reports that Whitney Houston's final tweet was apparently responding to a fan: "Yes, I am the real Whitney."

Some of the final tweets are quite ordinary.

"You look at some of these tweets, and it's, 'Oh, I had toast for breakfast this morning,'" said Forrest.

The site is getting attention around the world.

"Papers in New Zealand picked us up, Africa," said Forrest. "I was on a radio show in Australia."

Forrest says they don't make any money off the site. In fact, he thinks it would be in bad taste if they did.

And he says if families of any of these people are upset by it, they would certainly remove a certain tweet.

See their website here:

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