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On A Positive Note: Students In Bethel Park 'Paying It Forward' With Handiwork As Pandemic Keeps Them Close To Home

SOUTH HILLS, Pa. (KDKA) -- Here's proof that paying it forward is an approach that's helping many of our neighbors.

Students from the Peters Creek Baptist Church Youth Ministry are doing some handiwork at the South Hills Interfaith Movement in Bethel Park. The students would normally be out of town or out of state doing service projects, but the coronavirus pandemic has kept them closer to home this year.

"Right now, our students are painting the picnic tables here at SHIM. They just got done painting the deck and this long black railing," said Pastor Dave Barr of Peters Creek Baptist Church.

The 21 middle-schoolers and 27 high-schoolers know all about service. They're now focusing on neighbors right next door.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"Exemplifying the idea of paying it forward," said Jim Guffey, SHIM executive director. "We're all called to help our neighbors in need, and SHIM does that on a year-round basis. But it's great when we can have the kids come out and understand what need in the community looks like."

"We're making a difference and we're helping even though there's so much going on in the world right now," said Emma Rubican

The South Hills Interfaith Movement has shifted its approach amid the pandemic, serving thousands at drive-thru food distribution events.

The volunteers say giving back is a gift to cherish.

"It's nice to do it in our own community for once, too," said Rubican.

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