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Local Students, Parents React To College Admissions Bribery Scandal

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Some local students and parents are outraged after hearing about the college admissions bribery scandal that came out on Tuesday.

They say everyone should be treated fairly.

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Cheating is one of many accusations in an indictment charging dozens of people in a widespread college admission bribery scandal. Prosecutors said parents paid a college test prep organization to help students cheat, either by having stand-ins take the tests for their kids or by arranging for proctors to correct their answers. Pitt junior Maz Suliman took the ACT.

"I studied a couple days, but it's not fair a student not studying at all and having somebody else go in and taking it for them," said Suliman.

"I would be upset if my kids were trying to compete against that," said parent Beth Kafka. "They definitely know the value of education and I myself just finished my Ph.D. so they got to witness mom go through school."

Marena Glaister said she took the SAT twice just to improve her score.

"My friend actually lent me her SAT workbooks and everything and I'd sit there and literally have to go through all the tests and practice all the time," said Glaister.

Carlow freshman Lauren Jenkins did the same, and she said if she knew someone was unfairly taking the SAT at the same time she was, she wouldn't be happy.

"Probably infuriated," said Jenkins. "I definitely think it's unfair to use your fame when you didn't work for that."

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