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Local Police On High Alert, Respond To 2 Suspicious Package Reports

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The bombings at the Boston Marathon are still fresh on everyone's mind.

Three people killed and more than 150 injured, all when pressure cookers filled with nails and shrapnel exploded.

Rightfully so, suspicions are high. Fear thick in the air and everyone a little more cautious.

Here in Pittsburgh, a suspicious box found at Negley Avenue and Fifth Avenue was exploded Wednesday morning. Streets were shut down, the box was x-rayed by the bomb squad, and then it was destroyed.

"We are acting a lot more careful and aware of the same thing, and so, we understand the concern of the public," said Lt. Shirley Sloan, of Pittsburgh Police.

In the Chateau section of the North Side, there was a scare at the Cardello Building where nearly 400 people work.

One of those workers is new and building management did not recognize his name, so when a package was sent to him to the wrong suite, a red flag went up and there were other reasons for concern.

"A package was delivered, clearly stated that it was a pressure cooker," said Lt. Sloan. "The point of origin it was shipped from happened to be Massachusetts, and the person that it was shipped to really wasn't known by where the package was dropped off. I think he blamed it on his wife that had it delivered to him here."

Thankfully, it was all just a case of miscommunication and the pressure cooker was not blown up by the bomb squad. Police say the worker is a little embarrassed about it all.

"Of course, we want people to be safe than sorry in alerting us… not anybody to feel stupid that they called us, but it was enough of a reason to raise red flags with us," said Lt. Sloan.

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