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Local Photographer Goes The Extra Mile To Capture Shots Of Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- There is no doubt that Pittsburgh has one of the most beautiful skylines in the country, and local photographer Dave DiCello makes part of his living trying to capture every angle of it.

"You can't come to this city and you can't look at this skyline and not be wowed by everything you see," says DiCello.

His photos have become legendary, seen and shared by millions of people.

DiCello is a Pittsburgh native, and estimates he has taken more than 50,000 photos of Pittsburgh.

One of his favorite spots is under the Fort Pitt Bridge. But not just under the bridge, sometimes on top of it.

He's a photographer who goes the extra mile to grab a shot. People passing by often do a double-take when they see him taking off his shoes and climbing in the river.

"My camera fell in the water once, but it was still working when I pulled it out," he says. "So it was OK."

The North Shore opens up another beautiful spot for DiCello who is part photographer, part daredevil.

At 6 a.m., it's not uncommon to see him climbing along the Roberto Clemente Bridge for the sunrise shot, or lying down in the middle of the street for a unique angle.

During the cold winter of 2013, DiCello even ventured out on the frozen Allegheny River to snap some photos.

"My heart was pounding the entire time, from the second I put my foot down to the second I slowly kind of crept back, but it was well worth it."

To see more of DiCello's work, go to his website,

Dave's work is currently on display at the Backstage Bar at the Cabaret Theatre downtown.

The show runs until August 23rd.

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