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Local Organization Helps Women "Dress For Success"

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) --- A local organization is helping women find work by giving them a boost of confidence with a new look.

Beddalyn Odom-Smith retired from the postal service in 2009 after 30 years of service.

Odom-Smith found herself needing to go back to work after her husband passed away last year from Cancer.

"It changed finances drastically because I'm not old enough to really get all the benefits that he would have to offer with pension and social security so I had to do something. Things were tight so I had to do something," Odom-Smith says.

Odom-Smith reached out to several agencies for help. One of those was "Dress for Success."

"Most people don't always find a good suit they can fit so we always resort to like slacks and a blazer," an employee says.

The organization is known for providing professional clothes to disadvantaged women entering the workforce.

With the poor economy, their client-base now includes more women like Odom-Smith whose financial situation suddenly changed.

Each client receives one suit when she has a job interview and up to one week's worth of clothing when she becomes employed.

Many times, a complete outfit will help clients feel more confident in the interview and land a job.

"We help you out with as much as possible. From jewelry to purses to shoes to makeup-- this is a really nice place," says employee Ashley Wilson.

In addition to providing great looking professional attire, dress for success also is a network of support for career development offering resume critiques and job search advice.

With this help, Odom-Smith was finally able to land a job.

Thanks to "Dress for Success" she has the knowledge and appearance to thrive in the workplace.

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