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Man Claims Viral Middle Finger Photo Was 'Misunderstood'

PITTSBURGH (News Radio 1020 KDKA) - A local man says he's been the target of death threats and harassment over an obscene gesture.

"Carl" tells KDKA's Marty Griffin he was on Green Tree Hill on his way to work Wednesday morning when he was, "cut off by another driver." In a fit of road rage, Carl said he, "gave the driver of the van in front of him the middle finger."

At the same time, the driver of the vehicle behind him snapped a picture of the gesture while a police car, (presumably heading to the funeral for Canonsburg Police Officer Scott Bashioum), was heading in the other direction.

Carl said someone ran his license plate and posted his address on social media, resulting in death threats and harassment.

He adds he was "stunned" by the comments from people and only found out about the picture once friends contacted him.

Carl said it has all been one big misunderstanding and wants people to know and understand that.

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